Being a tortoise ain't all bad!

Hi All!!

Well another Holiday down and a bit of rest until the next major one!

We were Just reflecting on how things have slowed because of the pandemic, social attitudes, and general I don't wanna work attitude developed during the era of "work from home".

We are all ready to resume our lives as best we can and expect the rest of the world to just go back to the way it was. Well, hate to burst anyone's bubble but that ain't gonna happen. At least not until newly entitled people get back to work. Don't expect shipping, inventory, and services to get back to the levels it was before all this happened until a shift in mindset takes place in the general public. At least here in the U.S.

I personally, never stopped working to make sure a customer was/is happy to the best of my ability. Even though I've had to adjust this companies rules and policies to fit both customer and supplier demands. Our shipping prices are the same as they were 3 years ago. Yes, we are not making as much as we want due to this unbending rule but as they say, change is inevitable. We may raise shipping one day if it becomes untenable to maintain profit over loss but until that day, we are doing our best to remain competitive in our pricing and services.

Attitude plays alot in everyday decisions though. Being a smaller retailer, we don't have the option or time to deal with entitled attitudes and mean spirited low ball demands.

It never ceases to amaze us as to how entitled some people can be just because they feel they deserve to be treated special after going through all this. Well, as a company, we've been through it just as much as you dear customer. We still go the extra mile for those who act like a real customer and not an entitled jerk trying to get over on someone.

So if and when you feel you want to spend your hard earned money with us, we will give you the respect you deserve and the service you want if something is not as it should be. But Please, Please, do not get upset because things do not move as fast as you think they should be. We do not control a suppliers speed of shipping desired product, we do not control the amount of other supplies and inventory that are passing through our ports and delivery hubs and post offices each hour. We have to wait just as long as you do dear customer. We DO know how frustrating it can be to wait a God awful amount of time for something we want as much as you do. We will be the bigger company and help you through this tough time until things get back to a near normal again. But be the people your parents or Mom and Dads raised you to be not the insufferable brat that demands what you want NOW and not when it can be reasonably delivered. We do care but we are not the Shipping and Supply Gods. We are just merchants trying to furnish great products at a reasonable price!!

Thanks for your understanding and support through this and we do look forward to all the new customers we are receiving as a result of the pandemic and other companies being not so responsive to a customers needs. We will try our best to get you what you want in a timely manner and make you and yours happy you bought from

T & D Gifts and Collectibles!!!

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