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Welcome to The Gay Pride Shop!!

Hi, and welcome to The Gay Pride Shop!!

We are looking forward to serving the needs of the LGBTQ+ Community in Michigan, but we want to be inclusive of all.

We are a very small store but given the chance, we hope that is only for a little while.

We are currently in the "set up" phase of this site so bear with us and if you want or need a product that is LGBTQ related, we will research and maybe offer it to the public and see what goes! We want to support our community and those who support the LGBTQ+ Community as well.

That said we want to offer ways to inspire and enhance the lives of the communities we are a part of. We plan to offer jewelry and accessories, clothing, scents and various other items that enhance the "Gay Experience". We want our customers to be proud of who they are and live better through the items we will be providing. we want to have our products in your hands as soon as possible and if your not happy with what you ordered, we will work out a solution to each problem.

Please consider joining our site and do keep checking in to see what we're adding to the ever growing list of things you can get that you absolutely never knew you wanted/needed!! Sign up for our bi-weekly news letter to keep up on trends and things you need to know such as latest offers and coupons as well as member benefits that no one else will have privy to!!! Be informed of sales at least a few days before they happens so you can get first choice and pick of items you want before the rush!!!! we are excited to do this and look forward to serving our community!!!! Thank you all in advance and stay Happy and Healthy!!!

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